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Hi there, my name is Trevor Neal. I began this creative life some years ago as morethanpalletable, armed with just a few basic tools, a bunch of disused pallets and the dream of living a simple life through my own hand. I still remember the feeling of creating and selling my very first pallet piece. I was on my way and liking the freedom that came with it. Since then, my work has continued to evolve and today I really enjoy crafting unique, functional, one-off pieces with a story to tell. I’m environmentally concerned and like the idea of giving things another chance at life. There’s something beautiful about timber that has already lived and I look for the opportunity to expose that where I can. It’s why I prefer to work with recycled timbers. All that said, nothing is left to chance, including quality in construction and design. Please feel free to get in touch if you think I may be able to help you. Thanks for visiting – Trevor

Environmental friendliness through second chance timber



What my clients say about me and my work

Trevor is a brilliant furniture maker and artist and a wondeful person. He produced magnificant work and communicated with me throughout. I couldn’t give him high enough praise.

This is a man who loves his timber. Ours was a tricky brief, however Trevor’s work demonstrated wonderful attention to detail and exceptionally fine crafstmanship. 

Trevor’s passion for his craft is reflected in the design and finish of our sideboard. It’s lovely and exceeds our expectations.

We wanted to express absolute delight and WOW in regard to the dining room collection you made for us. We just love it! We never could have imagined how fantastic all the pieces would look together. They are just gorgeous.  We really appreciated your professional and artistic advice, recommendations and outstanding craftsmanship. 

Trevor has a unique talent for bringing ideas to life. His craftsmanship is beautiful and he is an absolute delight to speak with over the phone and in person. I am not the most creative person but Trevor made sure we were in regular contact and explained everything along the way, which made me feel very comfortable with the process. I enjoyed working with you Trevor and hope we can design something again down the track!”

I had no idea what I was asking of Trevor when I suggested he make me a 4 metre table to sit  family and friends around. I had liked his idea of making old live again with the use of reclaimed timbers. I also liked that he was inspired to create a place for a large family to gather. Trevor managed and delivered into NSW, a piece that will be generational. I cannot thank him enough for his efforts. His dedication to detail reflects his passion for what he creates. What struck me throughout this build was his understanding of the human element behind my request for a table. Trevor considered and supported all of my hiccups with understanding and care. It would be simple to say Trevor made me a table, in truth Trevor created a place for people I love to be together. Thank you Trevor.


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