Annie’s Table

This 18 seat dining table made from reclaimed hardwood timber has a rather unique and heartfelt story behind it. Annie’s review sheds a little light.

I had no idea what I was asking of Trevor when I suggested he make me a 4 meter table to sit  family and friends around. I had liked his idea of making old live again with the use of reclaimed timbers. I also liked that he was inspired to create a place for a large family to gather. It was not until I saw the table during construction that I realised the enormous effort it takes to firstly source these solid timbers, bring them back to their original beauty and then create a one off piece. Trevor created and delivered into NSW, a piece that will be generational. I cannot thank him enough for his efforts. His dedication to detail reflects his passion for what he creates. What struck me throughout this build was his understanding of the human element behind my request for a table. I stumbled a few times during the process, unsure of what I wanted, even questioning why. Trevor considered and supported all of my hiccups with understanding and care. It would be simple to say Trevor made me a table, in truth Trevor created a place for people I love to be together. Thank you Trevor.